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Free Lectures on the web

There are lectures galore at and they cover practically every subject area. And all the lectures are by one man, who is Bill Gate's favourite teacher.

Each lecture is interesting but nice and succinct at about 15mins to 20mins long with a Blackboard type set up which Khan can scribble on and present photos etc. As an example the picture above shows a lecture on the French Revolution. You can see the writing on the blackboard and also there are subtitles to the lecture if you don't want to have the sound turned up.


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Charlie RIP, Feb 2009

We were very sad today to learn that Charlie from Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre Charlie Monkey Worlddied on the 8th February.

In 1989 Charlie was one of the very first chimpanzees to be rescued by the founder of Monkey World, Jim Cronin, who himself passed away just a little under two years ago. Before his rescue, Charlie had been very badly treated, being both physically and mentally abused. However, the staff of Monkey World changed all that and managed, with care and dedication, to get him back to something approaching good, if not perfect, physical and mental health. His life at Monkey World over the last 20 years has been testament to the great work carried out by all the staff there.

However, over the past couple of years, Charlie had been slowing down quite a lot and sadly his condition worsened over the last week or so. Although vets John Lewis and Mike Nathan did everything they could, unfortunately, Charlie died. His age is not known exactly but he is thought to have been around 25.


Elephant Art

Oh My God!

Isn't the web wonderful? We just came across a video of an elephant painting - yes really painting! Amazing. And if you don't believe it just watch this video

There are more videos here


British LibraryPage Turners

British Library turn over a new leaf

The British Library have got a great new gizmo on their site. With it you can get access to rare books including Jane Austen's early handwritten works and the original illustrated and handwritten Alice in Wonderland. There are over 10 already with more to follow. Using the Shockwave software, which is a free download, you can browse these books with your mouse - turning the pages almost like a real book. There are plans to increase the selection and also the Libary is going to let other museums use the software.

Videos to pour over

Videos Galore

Video Jug is a site just packed full of useful videos It's got everything from how to fold a T-Shirt in 2 seconds ... to how to drive green. From how to make orange cake ... to how to make pepper jump. You can also start a discussion of your own and ask or answer a question. You can browse for subjects or just use the search box. Whatever you are interested in there will probably be something on Video Jug about it. There is a vast array of stuff and it's all great quality. Tip: If you type 'Stephen Fry' then you will find a series of interesting interviews with him.

Disc World?

The flat Earth myth

I see there is a new advert on TV at the moment implying (yet again) that people in the middle ages thought the Earth was flat. Not true! This old chestnut has been well and truly debunked for many years now but it looks like it won't go away. The myth seems to have gotten into general circulation after being aired in the 1820s in a story by Washington Irving about Christopher Columbus. It seems that, contrary to what Washington Irving wrote, the big debate at the time of Columbus was not whether the Earth was flat but rather what the size of it was. And further, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone thought it was anything other than round! Read more here


Hey Diddle Diddle

Does the Earth have two moons!?

Watching a repeat of QI the other night we were astonished to discover that, according to Stephen Fry, the Earth has not one but 2 moons! The second moon, a 5km wide lump of rock, was identified as Cruithne (Celtic: another name for the Picts and pronounced something like krooee-nyuh). Looking further into this we discovered that Cruithne is not a second moon but a near Earth asteroid (named asteroid 3753 in 1986 when it was first discovered). Is it a second moon? Well, Cruithne does not orbit the earth in the same way as our moon, but rather is co-orbital to it which means it shares the Earth's orbit but does not actually orbit the earth itself. So no, it isn't actually a second moon and what's more there are more of these co-orbital near Earth asteroids out there!
To learn more visit, which is written by Paul Wieger one of the scientists who worked out the mechanics of Cruithne's orbit in 1997. For some great animations (the text is a bit dense) scroll down to the bottom of the page and look under "MPEG movies".

geography quizImpress with your Geography

Fun way to learn Geography

Let's face it, all schoolwork is dull but Geography seemed to me to be the capital of dullsville. But if you want to make up for an embarassing lack of knowlege of where the latest war is on the news, or just want to shine in quizzes check out Trivia Plaza. It's full of fun quizzes and is guaranteed to improve your knowlege of capitals, rivers, mountains, countries and why not be a respected flag expert amoung your friends? And there are plenty more on Free online Geography games page.


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Free Stuff on the WebEasytorecall articles and reviews, including UK shopping articles

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Free Stuff on the WebThe web is full of free stuff! We list free stuff from free software to free dating, with more being added constantly.

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Periodic Table Game


Free Stuff on the WebDo you know the Periodic Table?
Brush up your knowledge with our fun game - learn and play at the same time!

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Kings & Queens of England Game


King and Queens GameDo you know the Kings and Queens of England? Brush up with our fun game - learn and play at the same time!

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Prime Ministers of Britain Game


Prime Ministers GameDo you know the Prime Ministers of Britain? Brush up with our fun game - learn and play at the same time!

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Great Art Games


The Great Art GAme GameBrush up your knowledge of the great artists with our fun game - learn and play at the same time!
Prime Ministers GamePiece together some of the greatest art in the world.
Improve your memory and have fun playing our great art memory matching game.


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